Be a Trail Hand


Children are not being exposed to the Bible.

The years of 2014 to 2018 have statistically discovered that only  28% of Generation X , 12% of older Mellinals and only 11% of young mellinals belive in God.

Look Around

Our children are being bombarded with a full media and educational on-slaught to convince future generations, especially in America, that there is no need for God in the hearts and minds of our children.  Look at the rate of violence and division that has developed throughout our country and the world.  It is high time that God and the teachings of the Bible move to the forefront of all children's education.

The Bible is no more than Comic Book

 Many Mellinial parents are telling thier children that the Bible is the same as any other comic book.  "It is just someone's fantasy writings," was told to Mary Lynn and Chuck while teaching Sunday School.  There has purposely been a full assault to remove God from our schools, our public places and our children's hearts and mind's. 

How Do We Turn This Tide?

   There has not been a major presence of Biblical information and teaching presented to children in a while.  The Lighted Trail is carefully designed to bring God's Word back into the hearts and minds of the children of the world.  Appealing characters bring the concepts of manners, grace, faith and learning how to handle daily situations that confront children.

The first series will be produced in English, Spanish and Korean, with more translations to come.

The Work Begins

The Lighted Trail is a yearly series of forty-five episodes that will begin with the Biblical stories and teachings of the New Testament and then later venture back into the stories and teachings of the Old Testament.  Children will learn that God's Word is real.  The locations where all of these incredible stories took place are very real and viewers of The Lighted trail will be taken there in real time and back into history.  Children will learn about History, Culture, Geography, Sociology, Math, Science, and how to discover their Faith through Christian knowledge in an ever changing world.  Give your child the protection of the Armour of God and the knowledge to be a independent strong faith based Christian for the years to come.