Be a Trail Hand


Become a Trail Hand

If you feel strongly about our efforts to bring God's Word to children world wide, please help us by tithing any amount you choose to help us raise the  money needed to create a pilot.  Just punch the Paypal button near the bottom of this page.

The pilot

We need to create a pilot in order to present the conceptual designs of The Lighted Trail to possible venues, which could help distribute and promote this production.

We are seeking to raise 190K, which is the amount needed to complete this crucial pilot. Donors names and home states will be posted and email contact will be kept to let donors know how their funds are being used.

Real time testing

  Original songs written for The Lighted Trail are being taught to and performed by pre-kindergarten and elementary aged children with incredible results. Please visit the The Lighted Trail Facebook page to view the posting of a group of beautifully costumed children singing "Stone and Hay" at their Christmas 2018 performance.

What needs to be raised


Pilots are not inexpensive to complete for any production.  For The Lighted Trail pilot:

· Four of the eleven character puppets will need to be constructed.  

· Small segments of the sets will need to be built. 

· Eight minutes of run-time in animation must be completed. The introduction must be filmed and edited. 

· The live segment must be filmed inside a studio. 

· Sound, music and educational supports have to be edited. 

· All elements will be prepared in English, Spanish and Korean. 

Two years of design and composition work has been completed in order to get to this point where we will be able to turn on the cameras.  

Total cost of The Lighted Trail Pilot is budgeted at 190 K.

A budget is available for anyone wishing to review the budget and any supporting details.

a gift for your gift

Anyone who donates over one hundred and fifty dollars toward the pilot will get a free set of Mary Lynn and Chuck's previous children's music education series, four episodes, called Four Fish Fly Free.  This award winning series is on two dvd's for your family's edutainment and enjoyment.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.